Choosing the right frame


   No, I don't sell frames.  You will be

looking for a frame for your artwork so; 

I want to pass along a little advise about

framing a drawing or an oil painting.


For a charcoal drawing..........

       A charcoal drawing on paper needs a frame with a mat and  

glass to protect the drawing from damage, moisture and dust.

    Never cover more than a half inch of the papers edge, on 

each side, with the mat.  Never cut the size of your drawing    

to fit a frame.   Have the mat cut to fit the drawing. 

For the 12 x 19 charcoal,  I suggest an 18 x 24 inch frame (a 16 x 20 is too small) .



For an oil painting...............

   An attractive frame without 

a mat and without a glass is 

what you need. 

  The frame should be deeper,

to hold the stretched canvas.





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